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Holyrood Message

March 2016
March 14th Leadership needed to shift the balance of care 
March 7th Returning to normal politics 
February 2016
February 29th Powers for a purpose 
February 22nd Age and Isolation 
February 15th Organ Donation Bill voted down 
February 8th Invest in Scotland’s future
February 1st Texas Instruments
January 2016
January 25th Open and honest debate needed on health 
January 18th College cuts 
January 11th Back to work 
December 2015
December 28th A fair deal for care workers
December 21st Cuts to council budgets
December 14th Organ Donation Bill
December 7th Health Centre Delays
November 2015
November 30th Keep Calmac Public
November 23rd Calmac vital to Inverclyde
November 16th Accountability key to policing
November 9th Tax credits
November 2nd Death rates at IRH of real concern
October 2015
October 26th Mixed week for manufacturing
October 19th Health Divide
October 12th A busy week all round
October 5th Questions to the First Minister
September 2015
September 28th Smoking Ban in vehicles
September 21st We can learn from local hospice
September 14th Extend Blue Badge Criteria
September 7th Back to Parliament
August 2015
31st August Drug strategy isn’t working
24th August New RBS jobs welcome
17th August Time for action
10th August Housebreaking is a serious crime
3rd August Public Health Bill
July 2015
27th July Inchgreen Drydock has real potential
20th July Safety of oil industry
13th July A Divided World
6th July Progress Needed on end-of-life care
June 2015
 29th June Assurances required for CalMac workforce
 22nd June Votes at 16
15th June Community Care Vital to future of NHS
8th June Time for public debate on NHS
1st June Assisted Suicide Scotland Bill
May 2015
25th May Anomaly in blue badge law
18th May A&E pressures
11th May Rebuilding Trust
4th May Delays
April 2015
27th April Crime at a record low?
20th April Future for the IRH?
13th April Supporting Carers
6th April Searching questions for Police Scotland
March 2015
30th March Road to Recovery?
23rd March Action needed on low pay
16th March Failings in elderly care
9th March Scottish Tourism Week
2nd March e-cigarettes
February 2015
23rd February Pancreatic Cancer Care
16th February A&E crisis symptom of a wider problem 
9th February Make work pay 
2nd February Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill 
January 2015
19th January Public Services 
26th January New powers to improve people’s lives 
12th January Oil prices must not compromise health and safety
5th January Health Inequalities
December 2014
29th December New Year’s Resolutions
24th December Christmas message 
22nd December Youth unemployment 
15th December A renewed partnership
8th December Huge Challenges facing our NHS
1st December Powers for a purpose 
November 2014
24th November Time to Focus on the real issues 
17th November Human Rights 
10th November Scotlands Drugs Strategy 
3rd November Symptoms of an NHS Struggling to Cope 
October 2014
27th October Dementia Care
20th October End Child Poverty
13th October 10 Year Anniversary
6th October Food Standards Scotland
September 2014
29th September Let us Unite
22nd September Building a Fairer Scotland 
15th September Pensions Future
8th September Unity is Strength
1st September Honest Debate needed on the NHS
August 2014
25th August Ferguson’s Shipyard
18th August Pressures on the NHS 
11th August Crime Level Concerns 
4th August Independence Referendum
1st August Response to Stuart McMillan SNP MSP West of Scotland Referendum Debate
July 2014
28th July Health Inequalities
21st July Tail O’ The Bank Credit Union 
14th July The Road to Recovery
7th July  Cheers to the Volunteers
June 2014
30th June Pressures on the NHS 
24th June People Power 
16th June Cash Back 
9th June Scottish Mesh Survivors 
2nd June  The Regeneration Game 
May 2014
26th May 60 years of Enable Scotland
16th May Make Work Pay
12th May National Care Standards
April 2014
28th April Inverclyde Workers Memorial Day
21st April Living Wage
14th April Carers Conference
March 2014
31st March Child Poverty Strategy
24th March Assisted Suicide (Scotland) Bill
10th March “The Economy, Stupid”
February 2014
24th February College Cuts
17th February Police Counter Closures
10th February Devolution can work
3rd February Fatal Accidents Inquiry Bill
January 2014
27th January All is not well
20th January Crime Figures
13th January Health and Social Care
6th January The Year Ahead
December 2013
23rd December Shopworkers
16th December Junior Doctors
9th December The Housing Ladder
November 2013
25th November Metal Theft
18th November Pay Day Loans
11th November Police Station Closures
4th November Community Transport
October 2013
28th October Knife Crime
21st October Justice is Done
14th October Righting a Wrong
7th October What’s next
September 2013
30th September A failing job market
23rd September Frontline Service
16th September Budget Time
9th September Scotland on Hold
3rd September College Cut Fears
August 2013
26th August Road to Recovery
19th August Transport Forum
12th August Return to sender
5th August College Merger
July 2013
29th July Swat the Fly Tippers
22nd July ASH Scotland
15th July Murray Mania
8th July Access to Medicines
1st July Piper Alpha
June 2013
24th June Victims & Witnesses
17th June Carers
10th June Underemployment
3rd June Community Transport
May 2013
27th May Community Payback?
20th May Precious Time
13th May It doesn’t add up
6th May The Big Society
April 2013
29th April Increasing demand
22nd April Thatcher’s Legacy
15th April Community College
8th April National Tartan Day
1st April No laughing matter
March 2013
25th March Scotland on Pause
18th March Post-Traumatic Stress
11th March National Care Standards
4th March Confront bed shortages
February 2013
25th February Stop the suffering
18th February Victims Support
11th February Spending Priorities
4th February Give youth a chance
January 2013
28th January Worrying Signs
21st January Water Water Everywhere
14th January Teenage Pregnancies
7th January Investigating workplace fatalities
December 2012
31st December Looking back on 2012
24th December Action needed on elderly care
16th December Rights of the Child
11th December Access to new Medicines
3rd December Payday Loans
November 2012
26th November College Cuts
19th November Public Services
12th November Drug Strategy Debate
5th November Warrants and Citations
October 2012
29th October Honesty needed on Public Services
22nd October Turning up the Heat
15th October Care for the elderly
8th October Health Inequalities
1st October Honest Debate
September 2012
24th September Principles of SDS
17th September Drug Policy
10th September Part-time Minister
3rd September Regeneration
August 2012
26th August Housing Benefit
20th August A long fought campaign
13th August Someone to talk to
6th August Only time will tell
July 2012
30th July Plain Packaging
23rd July Sports Inquiry
16th July Fiscal Fines
9th July Self Directed Support
2nd July Halt college cuts
June 2012
25th June Public Transport
18th June Victims and Witnesses
11th June Parliamentary Reform
4th June Reason will win out
May 2012
28th May Waterloo Road
21st May Health Questions
14th May

Self Directed Support

7th May Going to the Polls
April 2012
30th April Election Day
23rd April Crime Rate
16th April Maternity Unit
9th April People Power
2nd April Youth Unemployment
March 2012
26th March Westminster Budget
19th March Minimum Pricing
12th March Elderly care
5th March Devo plus
February 2012
27th February Volunteers
20th February Rangers FC

13th February

Budget Time
6th February James Watt College
January 2012
30th January

Independence Referendum

December 2011
December 19th Punch and Judy
December 12th No Christmas cards from Inverclyde
December 5th Working together
November 2011
November 28th A campaign lost
November 21st The regeneration game
November 14th Waste of talent
November 7th Sweet and Sour 
October 2011
October 31st Giving the area a lift
October 24th Good competition
October 17th Justice at last
October 10th Springboard to work
October 3rd Armed with skills
September 2011
September 26th Budget losers
September 19th The value of care
September 12th Less talk, more action
September 5th New session
August 2011
August 29th Dangerous waters
August 22nd Short of opportunities
August 15th Yob Olympics
August 13th Poverty gap 
August 8th Get on the bus
August 1st Knife u-turn
July 2011
July 25th Winning the lottery
July 18th Weekend to remember
July 11th Elderly care
July 4th Inverclyde the winner
June 2011
June 27th In this together?
June 20th Offering up nothing but hot air
June 6th By election no one wanted
May 2011
30th May Words and actions
23rd May In opposition
16th May Remembering David
March 2011
21st March The starting gun
14th March Paying at the pumps
7th March Inspiring women
February 2011
28th February Matching our ambitions
21st February Taking on the big job
14th February Sleight of hand
7th February Investing in the future
January 2011
31st January Budget for Inverclyde
21st January Not on the priority list
17th January Sweet and sour
12th January No Christmas cards from Inverclyde
10th January Home heat help
3rd January Freedom from fear
December 2010
27th December
20th December The big society
13th December Sorry not good enough
6th December Winter wonderland 
November 2010
29th November Humble Pie
22th November Respect agenda
8th November Jobs for the Future 
1st November Caring for the carers
October 2010
25th October Protecting Scotland
11th October The Human Costs
4th October Time for a living wage 
September 2010
27th September Drowning sorrows
20th September A price too high 
13th September Honest and Fair 
6th September People’s parliament 
August 2010
30th August More than hot air 
23rd August One hundred days
16th August  Right to work 
9th August  Diagnosis by Google 
2nd August  Unfairly Targeted 
July 2010
19th July  Heavy Weather 
 12th July   Wielding the Axe 
5th July  Not if but when 

Press Releases

October 2015
27th Oct MSP welcomes cabinet visit
17th Oct £300,000 for family support service
11th Oct Improvement in life expectancy
2nd Oct Lack of transparency over future of Inverclyde Royal
September 2015
28th Sept Growing Concerns over future of IRH
21st Sept Hospice visit
17th Sept Talks over Inchgreen Drydock
10th Sept Blue Badge Debate Secured
1st Sept Ferry Contract ‘great news’
June 2015
30th June  Views called for on Public Health Bill
26th June  Concern over spike in elderly deaths
22nd June  Inquiry into palliative and end-of-life care
19th June  McNeil writes to Justice Secretary over Pet’s Corner attack
May 2015
23rd May  Change Blue Badge Law
21st May  RBS Branch Closure
13th May  A&E target breached 6,000 times
 1st May  IRH’s £44million repair bill
February 2015
26th February Bed Blockage at IRH
November 2014
28th November  Carers Rights Day 
24th November  Greenock MSP opens refurbished store 
21st November  McNeil backs Bill to reform fatal accident inquiry 
12th November  7,000 Workers paid less than Living Wage
3rd November Problem Drug Use
August 2014
11th August  Local projects to benefit from Commonwealth Games Fund
May 2014
15th May  SNP’s low pay shame  
14th May  MSP in further call for tickets to reward sports clubs
April 2014
5th April  Praise For Putin
February 2014
21st February Huge fall in part-time students
20th February Commonwealth Games
3rd February FAI Bill

January 2014

24th January 95% Bed Capacity Rates
22nd January Praise for Health Committee
14th January Bedroom Tax Blunder
14th January Pantomime Fun
10th January Stroke Charter
December 2013
22nd December 9,000 fine snubs
16th December Pay day Loans
16th December Praise for Morton Captain
15th December Paws for thought
12th December Midnight League
10th December Keep your cool
6th December Litter Lout Law
November 2013
21st November Metal Thieves Crackdown
18th November Public bodies
13th November Tug Owners Fined
7th November Cash Boost
5th November Race is On
1st November More Trains
October 2013
25th October Broomhill Tenants Association
21st October Website Launch
September 2013
3rd September Carers parliament gets a good report
August 2013
28th August MSP discusses newly merged fire service
23rd August Greater Focus needed on recovery
19th August Concern over RAH inspection report
14th August Early discharge putting patients at risk
13th August MSP meets youth employment agency
1st August Fatal Accident Inquiries Consultation
July 2013
23rd July What a Waste
16th July Road Safety Concern Cartsdyke Roundabout
June 2013
10th June Progress needed on community transport
May 2013
29th May Sharp rise in pay-day loans
24th May Waterloo Road
20th May Terms and conditions
16th May Home Sweet Home
14th May

A Fine Mess

April 2013
23rd April Community Payback?
20th April Recycling Initiative
19th April Dementia Carers Project
15th April Stroke Unit Concern
12th April

Prostate Cancer UK’s Quality Checklist

9th April Smoking Ban Welcome
March 2013
27th March College Meet
14th March Community Sport
11th March Complete the Cycle
8th March Huge fall in student numbers
5th March RBS branch closure
February  2013
26th February Teenage pregancy rates below national average
22nd February Sharp fall in part-time learners
19th February New bus transfer ticket
8th February Post Mortem Delays
5th February £4 million in voluntary redundancy payments
5th February Health inequalities event
January 2013
30th January Ferry Service Action Call
28th January Keeping up pressure on ferry terminal plans
22nd January MSP backs campaign to reverse college cuts
10th January Failed Justice Policy
7th January Teenage pregnancy inquiry
December 2012
24th December Water Bill Welcome
November 2012
30th November Concern that criminal fines will go unpaid
26th November Drive to bring US tourists to Inverclyde
9th November

Focus on addicts committed to recovery

6th November Dog Wardens Bite back
October 2012
23rd October Families face severe disadvantage
19th October College cut fears
15th October Watchdog must examine reasons for poor elderly care
9th October MSP Welcomes Drug Review
September 2012
28th September Dream Fund
Funding Pot for community projects launched
21st September Diminishing support for anti-knife initiative
MSP raises concern resources to tackle knife crime in Inverlcyde are diminishing.
6th September

Fears Grow for Future of Calmac

The Transport Minister fails to give clear answer on Calmac Headquarters.
August 2012
22 August Drug Review Needed
Drug deaths reach 10 year high
13 August Green light for cancer drug
Abiraterone approved for use on the NHS
3rd August Renewed calls for breakthrough cancer drug

Former Greenock Police Inspector John Malcolm and Duncan McNeil MSP renew their call for cancer drug in Scotland

July 2012
24th July Community Payback?

Court Ruling means offenders can get away with breaking terms of order

18th July Offenders get over four thousand warning letters
Thousands of warning letters have been issued to offenders who are failing to pay fines handed out by the procurator fiscal
5th July Justice for Asbestos Victims

Asbestos victims should be fully compensated by insurance companies

June 2012
1st June No Time to Wait
MSP urges Scotland’s medicines regulator to shorten the time it will take to introducecancer drug onto the NHS
1st June Plain Packaging
MSP backs plain cigarette packaging.
May 2012
31st May Transport Meet
Reporting on his meeting with Strathclyde Partnership for Transport (SPT) to discuss the Gourock to Kilcreggan Ferry Service
29th May Brain Injury Awareness
Leading charity raises awareness of head injuries
23rd May Urgent meeting with SPT
Local MSP Duncan McNeil has requested an urgent meeting with the Chief Executive of Strathclyde Partnership for Transport
21st May Prostrate Cancer Care

MSP calls for the government to boost prostate cancer care in Scotland and to do more to help raise awareness of the disease

10th May Ferry Service
Scottish Government should take control of ferry service says McNeil
2nd May Jobs Summit
Fincance Secretary to come to Inverclyde for Jobs Summit
April 2012
24th April Life Saving Treatment
Life saving heart procedure to be introduced onto the NHS
23rd April Cuts to Bus Services
Government being “Pig headed” on cuts to local bus services
6th April Hear to Help at Glenfield Care Home
MSP visits Glenfield.
March 2012
March 23rd Renewable Fund
MSP wants Inverclyde to get a fair share of renewables funding
March 23rd £50,000 in unpaid court fines
Unpaid funes will undermine publics faith in the justice system says McNeil
March 19th Rare Diseases motion
MSP backs a parliamentary motion welcoming the consultation
March 12th “Sport your Trainers” Day
MSP support campaign to promote the Commonwealth Games
March 9th Action Call on Green jobs
MSP urges the First Minister to take action
February 2012
February 2nd Green Energy Jobs go East
MSP expresses his frustration at the continuing failure to bring Green Energy jobs to Inverclyde
January 2012
26th January Inverclyde Globetrotters
MSP welcomes Duncan Galbraith of Inverclyde Globetrotters to Scottish Parliament
December 2011
December 12th Renewables Bid
October 2011
October 12th Asbestos justice at last!
MSP pays tribute to campaigning lawyer as UK Supreme Court back compensation law
October 6th Fight over drugs for rare diseases goes to Holyrood
MSP meets health secretary with family over drug fight
September 2011
September 28th  Clyde Coastguard 
September 21st College merger 
September 19th Future funding for Riverside Inverclyde
August 2011
August 29th Waterloo Road 
August 17th Unemployment in Inverclyde 
August 10th Drug deaths in community rise 
August 7th Future of two local care homes
July 2011
July 22nd Tourist Group celebrates 10th Anniversary
July 14th Coastguard blow
July13th Tall Ships Success
June 2011
June 30th Welcome to new MP
June 24th A78 Blow
June 1st Inverclyde needs plan for jobs
June 1st Gourock Traffic concerns 
May 2011
May 10th David Cairns 
May 6th Election Win 
March 2011
March 16th  A78 Breakthrough
March 15th MSP Challenges Coastguard Cuts 
March 10th Tribute to Lee jeans Heroines
March 9th Cheers to the Volunteers
March 4th College Funding Overhaul
March 3rd Victory for Asbestos Campaigners
March 3rd Snaring ban defeated 
Feb 2011
Feb 24th Regeneration cuts threaten progress
Feb 23rd Ferry concerns
Feb 22nd Stroke unit shock
Feb 22nd Jobs disappointment
Feb 15th Housing cuts fury
Feb 3rd College cuts
Jan 2011
 Jan 28th Youth Employment rise
Jan 18th Sold Out