MSP Welcomes Water Bill

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil has welcomed the Water Bill progressing through Parliament.

The bill aims to develop and improve the management of Scotland’s vast water resources.

The Scottish Government has introduced the bill as part of its Hydro Nation Strategy which it hopes will bring economic, social and environmental benefits to Scotland.

Duncan McNeil said:

 “I believe Inverclyde has to be a full partner in the ‘Scotland Hydro Nation Strategy’. We have obvious advantages here in Inverclyde including our natural environment and the infrastructure that was bequeathed to our community by the Great Scottish Civil Engineer Robert Thom”

 “While welcoming the bill and the opportunities it presents, I believe there are serious considerations still to be addressed at stage two of the bill. We need to ensure that the bill will not be used as a vehicle for the privatisation of Scottish Water. In addition to this, partnership with communities and public bodies must be enshrined in the bill”