Press Release 6th November

Dog Wardens Bite Back

One hundred and fifty fines have been imposed by Dog Wardens on individuals who have allowed their dog to foul in the street.

In 2012 Inverclyde Council received 248 complaints regarding dog fouling of which 36 have been from the area behind Nelson Street and Robertson Street.

Dog owners can be fined up to £65 under current rules.

Commenting on the issue Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil said:

“I have had many residents come to me and complain about dog fouling and its good to see that action is taking place and fines are being levied on those who act irresponsibly”

“If any residents see people allowing their dog to foul then they should contact the council”

“Those who are continuing to act irresponsibly should be aware that the council exercises a zero-tolerance approach and fines will be meted out”