Volunteers and the community

27th February 2012


Last week I was privileged to present the Millennium Volunteer Award to 30 young scouts, in recognition of their commitment to our community.


It was a tremendously positive event, and it was a delight to speak with the young volunteers and their parents.


These scouts are the volunteers of the future, and it is crucial that we sustain, support and recognise their efforts.


In an uncertain world, when the reputation of our once respected institutions is in tatters, these young people are learning an invaluable lesson, that volunteering is about giving, not taking.


Not only do they get the opportunity to meet new friends and learn new skills, but more importantly, they contribute to the well-being of our community.


There are hundreds of good people locally whose purpose in life is to make a difference.


It is easy to underestimate what our world would look like without our dedicated volunteers at our churches, youth organisations, and health or sports services.


There work is a reminder to all of us that in an increasingly sceptical world, that there are good people out there dedicating their energy to helping others, and making Inverclyde the strong, resilient community that it is.


We owe them all a debt of thanks.