Press Release, 23rd August 2013,


Greater focus needed on recovery


An independent expert group into opiate replacements in Scotland has said that much more needs to be done to promote recovery among drug addicts.

The group was set up in the wake of concern over the role of methadone in drug-related deaths. Almost half of those who died had been using the heroin substitute.

It said that Alcohol and Drug partnerships are often failing to produce clear plans and objective reports about how to help individuals overcome their addiction.

The Labour MSP said:

The report confirms that the Scottish Government’s drug strategy simply isn’t working. While Methadone has a role to play in helping people tackle drug addiction, there are those who are being parked on the drug with not enough being done to give them a route out of the life style. We need a strategy that put a greater emphasis on recovery and I look forward to meeting the Minister and the experts who produced the report to see what action they will be taking to address the serious issue of drug misuse in Scotland"