Scotland on Hold

Since Alex Salmond launched his referendum campaign two years ago, the SNP have steadily but surely withdrawn from the responsibilities of government.

These have been wasted years, full of missed opportunities to modernise our public services, create new jobs and businesses, and to build a justice system that stands up for the victims of crime.

There are just over 365 days until the referendum, and judging by the SNP’s programme of government which was presented to parliament last week, it looks like we are in for more of the same.

There was nothing from the government about how it will support local people who are being hit hard by the Bedroom Tax.

There was nothing for the families looking for a home or who are living in poor accommodation.

There was no mention of how the government will support our carers in the community, or how it will help students who are stuck on college waiting lists.

And no plans were put forth to provide affordable and flexible childcare to hardworking families until after the referendum.

The sad fact is that the referendum has diverted Alex Salmond and his SNP government from its central purpose which is to govern.

It is failing to use the substantial powers our parliament already has over jobs, education, health and justice to make a difference to peoples’ lives.

And as a result, the country will continue to be put on hold and hard working families here in Inverclyde will lose out.