Fears Grow for Calmac Headquarters

The Transport Minister Keith Borwn has failed to give a clear answer on the future of Calmac Headquarters at Gorouck.

It follows a debate in the Scottish Parliament about plans for tendering CalMac operations in which Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil quizzed the Minister on the issue.

The MSP asked Mr Brown:

"When the contract for the Clyde and Hebrides ferries, which is about to expire, is replaced, will the Minister give assurances to those people who work at CalMac headquarters ticketing operation in Gourock that they will be protected in the process, unlike the people involved in the Gourock to Dunoon run?"

Speaking after the debate the local MSP said:

"The minister stated he has had talks with the trade unions and he will look again at the protection of workers' rights, and I will do all I can to hold him to that promise. I also pressed him on the impact on the headquarters and ticketing operation at Gourock. I was concerned that I did not get a clear answer with regards to the future of the operation."