The Big Society

December 20th, 2010


It brings out the best in people and not just because it’s Christmas.

The recent weather has been a challenge for us all as we tackle the worst snow in decades.

Whether it’s getting to work, taking the children to school or even just making it along to the shops for the essentials, the snow and the cold weather present a significant challenge.

While it created a logistical nightmare for most of us, some people were impacted more than others.

Pensioners become virtual prisoners in their home as the streets iced over and made walking even the short distance to the shops or a friend’s house impossible.

At times like this, we really learn to value our family, friends and neighbours who I am sure we have all had to rely on over the last couple of weeks.

Picking up the children from a closed school if mum and dad are at work, clearing snow-covered pathways to make them useable again and dropping in a loaf, milk and a paper to an elderly neighbour have all become part of people’s daily routine.

This year, we have heard a lot about the ‘big society’ from the Tory Government in Westminster.

Well, I am pleased to report it is alive and well in Inverclyde and happens every day whether the Prime Minister claims it as his flagship policy or not.

I see the big society on a daily basis in my community and it is more than just a sound bite for politicians – it’s a way of life for people.

Have a great festive holiday everyone and remember to be a good neighbour this Christmas.