Press Release 22nd January, 2013

Protect our colleges

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil has pledged his support for the NUS colleges campaign “Fund Scotland’s Future”.

The campaign has been launched to defend Scotland’s colleges from a £34 million cut being proposed by the Scottish government.

The Labour MSP recently met with representatives from James Watt College student association to hear their concerns over the proposed cuts.

The local MSP said:

“James Watt College has played a pivotal role in our community for many years helping young people to gain the skills they need to go on to university or get their first job. It has also provided adult learners with a second chance to get an education or to build on the skills they already have".

"The College cuts being made by the SNP Government will harm this vital service and local people who are looking to get on in life will lose out as a result. This is why I am fully backing the NUS campaign and I will press the government to give colleges a fair deal by reversing the proposed cuts. I have already raised my concerns about the impact of the cuts on James Watt College in parliament on several occasions. And I will to do all I can to ensure that people in Inverclyde continue to have access to education locally”.