If you’re a shopworker, the Christmas holidays are one of the busiest times of the year.


With queues that never seem to end and shop floors crammed with people frantically getting last minute presents it can be a tough job.

The Boxing Day and January sales can be particularly hectic as shoppers descend onto the high streets like a plague of locusts.

Whether it’s when they are managing the shop floor, working on the tills or stocking up the shelves, most of the time they have friendly encounters with customers.

Unfortunately, however, some shopworkers will have encounters that are not so friendly.

Indeed, over half of those interviewed in a recent survey said that at some point they had been subjected to verbal abuse.

It’s understandable that when the shops are jam packed, and when there are huge queues, we can find ourselves getting a little hot under the collar.

But we should try and avoid taking the frustration out on staff.

It’s important to remind ourselves that not only will they be working long-shifts throughout the holiday period, they will also be doing all they can to ensure their families have a good Christmas too.

I ask you therefore to support the campaign set up by the retail union and keep your cool, smile, say thank-you and wish them a Happy New Year.