May 2nd 2012

Local MSP Duncan McNeil will meet with Finance Secretary John Swinney and Scottish Entreprise this summer to discuss how best to increase economic opportunities in the area.

The Fincance Secretary’s commitment to come to Inverclyde came after the Labour MSP quizzed the Minister in Parlimanent.

Concerned about the increased number of young people in long term unemployment the local MSP asked the Finance Secretary what he would do to ensure that Inverclyde is not disproportionately affected by the economic crisis.

Labour market statistics show that the number of 18-24 year olds claiming Job Seekers Allowance (JSA) for Inverclyde has increased by over 200% in the last year.
The summit will take place in early June.

Duncan McNeil said;

“I very much welcome John Swinney’s decision to come to Inverclyde.

“Only by working together can we ensure that the issue of long-term youth unemployment is addressed, that jobs are brought to the area, and that Inverclyde is protected from the worst of the economic downturn”

“Inverclyde is an area that is still recovering from the last recession and has suffered a significant loss in regeneration funding as well as losing out on renewable jobs and Enterprise Area status”

“This jobs summit provides an opportunity to ensure a focus on the challenges ahead for the Inverclyde economy.