David Cairns

May 10th, 2011

David Cairns

On the sad death of David Cairns, the MP for Inverclyde who passed away this week after a short illness, Duncan McNeil said:

“This is a great shock to everyone and I am deeply saddened to lose such a close personal friend and colleague.

“We were all very proud of David’s achievements, the local boy from Broomhill Court who went to Notre Dame High School and rose up the ranks to become our MP and a well-regarded government minister.

“Such was his sharp intellect and wit, he could hold his own in politics at any level and commanded the respect of his political allies and foes alike.

“He will be remembered locally as a hard-working and committed constituency MP who placed himself at the heart of the community he was born and brought up in.

“Our party members have been on the campaign trail for weeks in the run-up to last week’s election and we were inundated with well-wishers asking after him. David would have been humbled by the response to his ill-health.

“My last memory of David was on the Saturday before he was taken into hospital at a local party event and he was his usual self, full of humour and stories, playing the role of host by offering drinks and food to everyone and generally enjoying himself with his friends.

“To lose someone with David’s talent and ability at just 44 is a great tragedy and all our thoughts are with his family and friends at this difficult time.