Deaths rates at IRH of real concern

2nd November, 2015

Deaths rates at IRH of real concern

I’m sure most people would show some understanding if they were presented at A&E with a minor injury and there were delays in receiving the appropriate care.

After all, the NHS is under huge pressure at the moment with demands coming from all fronts and staff are doing their very best. But when it comes to the most serious injuries, I think we would all expect to receive the necessary treatment quickly.

So it’s with concern that a nationwide study published last week by the Scottish Trauma Audit Group, showed that care provided to trauma patients is not hitting the necessary standards.

When compared to the 19 hospitals that were examined as part of the study, Inverclyde Royal recorded the lowest percentage of patients with serious head injuries who were given a CT scan within an hour, with 0% compliance in 2013 and less than 10% last year.

Most worryingly, doctors at Inverclyde Royal have initiated a probe after the audit found the hospital experienced higher than expected death rates for trauma patients over the period in question. It will seek to establish whether the rates are due to chance or are a result of failures in clinical practice.

I welcome the review. I have written to the Chief Executive of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde asking him to ensure that it is thorough and concluded as soon as possible. I have also asked that the results of the review are published in full and shared with the public. Complete transparency is necessary to reassure the local community that the hospital is doing all it can to improve standards of care.