21st January 2013

Water Water Everywhere

If Scotland has lots of water, then Inverclyde is blessed with more than its fair share.


In our local history, water was recognised as a valuable resource.  Loch Thom and the cut is an internationally recognised engineering marvel designed by the Scottish civil engineer Robert Thom who was able to harness those water resources to address public health issues through the provision of clean drinking water for a fast growing population of the town, while at the same time fuelling the industrial revolution by providing water power for our mills and refineries. 


Those industries maybe long gone but the clean Loch Thom water is still consumed locally every day.  Why nobody has bottled it up to now is anyone’s guess. 


But the infrastructure is still in place and there is growing interest from the community and business to use it effectively and to good purpose to develop ideas and to realise the hydro renewable potential.  


That is why I gladly supported the water bill legislation which is currently progressing through the parliament.  The objective of the bill is to ensure the development of Scotland’s significant water resources for the greater public good.   


With the legacy that has been bequeathed to us in the hills above Inverclyde hopefully we will realise our ambitions in the area and for us to be part of Scotland’s hydro nation.