June 1st, 2011

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP has called on the Scottish Government to take action over the traffic chaos likely to be caused by the removal of the Gourock-Dunoon vehicle ferry service.

Vehicle traffic from Dunoon will now be routed through the crossing at McInroy’s Point and forced to travel through the bottleneck at the town centre to get to Greenock, Paisley or Glasgow city centre.

The MSP fears that the changes will cause considerable traffic congestion in Gourock and inconvenience for residents and businesses.

Mr McNeil said: “The communities and workforce rightly feel let down by this loss of service, which was hidden from them before the election and then dumped on them just weeks later.

“This preventable decision will also create a serious traffic congestion problem that will further anger people and businesses in Gourock.

“I believe it would be appropriate for the minister to come to Gourock to see this for himself and work with the community, the road agencies and Inverclyde Council to bring about a traffic impact assessment and deal with this problem.”