Heavy weather


19th July 2010


The only consistent thing about Scottish summertime is its inconsistency.

A pleasant walk along the Esplanade, taking in our beautiful view over a sun-drenched river Clyde, can soon into a disaster when the wind and rain quickly appear from nowhere.

I am sure I am not the only one been caught out by the ever-changeable weather that frustrates us all.

I suppose we should be grateful for the days of sunshine we have had and be thankful we have a few mild months left before winter sets in.

The dry and mild weather can be blessing aswell for the household budget, with heating bills a little lower during the summer months.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be looking at ways to save where we can and taking advantage of discounts out there.

Dealing with utility companies can sometime be frustrating at time and it can often feel like fighting a losing battle.

But there are signs that consumer pressure is winning through, particularly given the new rules on billing that came into force this week.

From December on, gas and electricity statements will include each householder’s current energy plan, yearly consumption and predicted bill.

Under the new rules, energy companies will also be forced to include comparisons with other deals offered, any discounts that are available and advice on how to change supplier.

Rather than being an annual reminder of how much you have spent, it should act as a spur to make sure they are getting the cheapest price they can for

Money-saving experts estimate that some people could save more than £200 a year.

It may not make the weather any nicer this summer but the savings could go to a welcome break in the sun next year.