Justice is Done

It’s been an arduous six years for the families of the crew members who tragically lost their lives in the Flying Phantom disaster.

But last week, finally, there was a degree of justice for these families, as the owner of the tug boat pleaded guilty for failing to ensure the safety of the crew.

This case has underlined the need for change in the current system for investigating fatal accidents which is simply not working and is preventing families from getting to the truth.

The families have expressed their frustration at a system that has caused them distress and additional anguish. No family who has lost a loved one should have to go through such an ordeal.

This is why I am supporting a Bill introduced by my Labour colleague Patricia Ferguson, which aims to radically overhaul the Fatal Accidents Inquiry (FAI) system by putting the families of the deceased at the heart of the process.

The Inquiries into Deaths (Scotland) Bill also aims to ensure a quicker outcome for families by allowing FAI’s to take place alongside criminal proceedings.

And most importantly of all, it will give families the chance to find out the full truth about what happened to their loved ones.

While this Bill may have come too late for the families of the Flying Phantom disaster, I sincerely hope that it will prevent others from having to go through the same ordeal and ensure that justice is done.