Election Day

30th April 2012


As the council election draws near, you’ll not have failed to notice big dogs chasing politicians of all shades, down garden paths and up lampposts as they frantically work to win your vote.


But seriously, this is a crucial election for Inverclyde. It will determine whether we continue to move forward or slip backward.


This is a local election, about local issues that impact on the lives of local people.


It is not a stepping stone to Independence.


Decisions made by our local council impact on our everyday lives, whether it be, our children’s schools, services for the elderly, or the safety of our communities.


And if you want to influence those decisions and have a say in the future of Inverclyde, it is important that you get to the polling station.


The past five years have been a period of stability and progress for Inverclyde.


Despite the economic crisis the council has done its best to protect the interests of the area.


Jobs have been delivered and investment from the council has led to new housing, schools and fantastic sports facilities.


This Thursday you will have the opportunity to elect local people that will work in the interests of your local community and stand up to the issues that matter to you.


Make your vote count!


Vote for the candidate whose allegiance is to Inverclyde not to a government in Edinburgh.