Press Release, 20th Feb 2014


MSP makes case for sports clubs to get Commonwealth Games tickets


Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil is making the case that sports clubs should get access to tickets for the Commonwealth Games.


The MSP believes the move will help reward and recognise their work in delivering sport in local communities.


He quizzed the Minister in charge and the Chief Executive of Sports Scotland on the issue in Parliament.


However, there was a lack of clarity about whether sports clubs would be allocated tickets.

Duncan McNeil said:


“I was a bit surprised about the lack of clarity regarding access to tickets for sports clubs.”


“However, we can take some comfort that the Minister and Sports Scotland are now thinking about the issue, and I will continue to press them on the detail to ensure we can maximise the opportunities for sports clubs here in Inverclyde.”


“I will be writing to the Minister to identify when tickets will be available, how many sports clubs will receive tickets and how they will be able to apply”


“Providing greater access to these tickets provides an opportunity to recognise and reward people who participate in and deliver sports in our local communities.”