Monday 9th June 2014


Last week in Parliament, I met with constituents Claire Daisley and Linda McLaughlin.  However, this was no social visit. They were there along with their fellow campaigners to petition Parliament to suspend the use of mesh implant surgeries.


Linda had a mesh implant inserted over five years ago at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley to correct a severe form of cystitis.  Before then she described herself as a fit and healthy women with a demanding job and happy family life.


She was informed that the procedure would be quick and easy. But immediately after waking up she was in excruciating agony. Since then the pain has never gone away. She has had to undergo numerous operations and her life has never been the same since.


Linda and Claire are not the only sufferers. Indeed there are many more like them.  Complications from the procedure have ranged from crippling nerve damage, lifelong pain and mobility problems.

Another mesh survivor who appeared before the Scottish Parliament’s Petition’s Committee said she could only walk from her front door to the drive way. A further sufferer has said that she feels 30 years older as a result of the procedure and some days feels sick with pain.

In light of such harrowing cases the Cabinet Secretary for Health Alex Neil must listen to the campaigners and consider their request to suspend this procedure in Scotland until such times as we have a full and clear understanding of its benefits against its risks.

He has the perfect opportunity to make such an announcement when he appears before the Petition’s Committee in two weeks’ time. While this will be too late for survivors like Claire and Linda, it may prevent others from going through the suffering that they have had to endure.