Reason will win out

4th June


When it comes to the debate on independence, Alex Salmond wants emotion to trump reason.


And this was none the more evident as when he launched his independence campaign in a cinema complex last Friday.


He did all he could to try and create the sense of pride we feel when the national team runs out at Hampden with songs, poetry, tartan imagery and tax exiled celebrities who reeled of their wish list of what an independent Scotland could look like.


But this was no blockbuster. It was a box office disaster.


And on Sunday, his Deputy First Minister failed to shine on the great debate.


Moreover, when pressed by Johann Lamont on the issue of currency it was widely agreed that Alex Salmond had his worst performance in First Ministers Question Time.


He is determined not to be drawn into a position of examining the issues because he knows reason will win the day.


Reason will tell us that there are many unanswered questions, inconsistencies abound and a formidable lack of detail.


Reason will inform us that being part of the UK has allowed us to share in the good times and the spread the risk in the bad.


It will remind all of us, that when our banks collapsed the UK Government stepped in immediately so that ordinary families could still get money out of the cashpoints.


No questions, no hesitation, no negotiation, the kind of action the Greek and Irish could only dream of.


Finally, reason will say to us, that in an increasingly uncertain world we are stronger together and weaker apart.


At the end of the day, reason will win out.


Informed arguments and facts will keep the UK together.