An Honest Debate

Shock horror, a Scottish politician told the truth last week. Just as across Europe, well-meaning but dodgy decisions by politicians have led to an increased demand for public services and less money to pay for them.


That this message came as surprise should not be a surprise to anyone.


Scottish Labour Leader Johann Lamont joined nurses, hospital managers, college principals, even the government’s own adviser who have been telling the SNP government to act sooner rather than later on this economic time bomb.


If we really value the policy of free personal care for the elderly, our national health service and our education system then we need to act now to defend access and quality to those services.


We must be prepared to fund those services not just this year but for the next twenty years. Those of us that value public services recognise that they need to be supported so that access and quality can be maintained.


We cannot stand idly by while the reputation and delivery of public services is being eroded and damaged every day, by the pressures put on our health service, cuts to our local college, and indeed, our failure to provide affordable and flexible childcare to every hardworking family in Scotland.


By addressing these issues now, we can limit the damage. By taking action we can make things better.


Being honest about the failings is the start of making things better.