Monday 21st July 2014


I was delighted to be invited to the 30th Anniversary celebration of the Tail O’ The Bank credit union.

While talking to the volunteers, we recalled the work of the Rev Ian Fraser, East End Community Minister and Father Thomas Jamieson, Parish Priest at St Lawrence’s Church who joined forces with the community to bring about the east end credit union.

The old payment cards, the volunteers sitting at a table in the old St Lawrence’s School.   This work was enhanced over many years taking the credit union from strength to strength which went on to become the Tail O’ The Bank credit union that we know today.

The hard work and the legacy of the founders is in good hands.   From a small and extremely busy office in Kilblain Street they now have four part-time members of staff who are ably supported by thirteen volunteers, who as well as giving of their free time also hold down full-time jobs.

Together they are providing a great service to over 5,000 adult members and 1100 children under 18, who regularly make saving deposits.   But they are not resting on their laurels.  They are ambitious and hope to reach out into workplaces and schools, which in turn will secure the future of the Tail O’ The Bank credit union for the next 30 years.