Part-time Minister

When you have a First Minister whose sole aim is to break up the United Kingdom, it can’t be any surprise that his government’s energy, time and resource has been devoted to achieving this goal.


And this week, to sharpen the focus on his objective further still, his now former Health Minister Nicola Sturgeon was given her new role leading the Independence campaign.

But wait, there’s more, not only will she be in charge of spearheading the drive toward independence, she has also been appointed the Minister for Investment and Infrastructure, a vital portfolio in the current economic climate.


Goodness knows how she we will manage to juggle these two massive tasks. In the morning Nicola Sturgeon will have to deal with Scotland’s biggest decision in 300 years and in the afternoon she will deal with the biggest recession we’ve faced since the great depression in the 1930s. What an earth is she going to do for lunch?


The reality is that we will have a part-time minister, who will see the formidable task of trying to get the economy back on its feet as a distraction and something to put on her to-do list, rather than a priority. As a result, hardworking Scots will lose out.


In these challenging times the people of Scotland want Alex Salmond and his Ministers focus to be on regenerating the economy. Indeed, in a recent opinion poll, when asked what subject they would raise by the First Minister sixty eight percent of young Scots said jobs and the economy. Only five percent said the constitution.


Its high time that this SNP government devoted its attention to the priorities of these young Scots rather than focusing on its obsession with the Independence Referendum.