Waterloo Road

 28th May 2012


In the current economic climate, there is intense competition between the different parts of Scotland for jobs and investment.


We can’t just hope that opportunities will land at our door step.


We need to make the positive case as to why investors should set up here in Inverclyde.


The relocation of Waterloo Road is a good example of what can happen when we have a pro-active and local approach.


The arrival of this popular BBC drama has been a real success story.


It will provide a substantial boost to our local economy creating jobs and training opportunities.


And equally important, there will be promotional benefits to the area through the five million viewers that watch the show.


When I attended a celebration for the relocation of Waterloo road this week, I was delighted to learn that I was the only Scottish politician to have written to Shed productions outlining a positive case for the company to relocate locally.


But this was a community effort. The work of the council and the warm and positive welcome from local people was extremely important. 


It is clear that we need to get out there and promote our area.


We all have to be ambassadors for Inverclyde.


Yes we need a level playing field. And yes, we need the support of government and its development agencies.


But we can’t rely on this alone.


We can and should to do more to promote the natural beauty of the area for tourism.


Gain recognition for our natural resources to ensure we get a share of the micro renewables market.


And build on our traditional skills to get a fair share of green manufacturing jobs.


Success breeds success, lets tell the world that Inverclyde it great place to live, work and enjoy.