Election Year

May 6th, 2011

Election win

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil has pledged to work hard for the people of Inverclyde after they re-elected him to serve as their representative in the Scottish Parliament for a fourth time.

Reflecting on his party’s defeat at the national poll, Mr McNeil admitted Scottish Labour had to re-connect with the voters they had lost around the country.

He said: “I’m delighted voters here gave me the benefit of the doubt when so many of my colleagues lost their seats across the west of Scotland.

“I’m certainly relieved. It was obvious people were not confident about voting for Labour. We saw that in the turnout across Scotland.

“We as a party need to re-double our efforts to get back in contact with those Labour voters and represent them effectively by working with anyone in the Scottish Parliament, in any way we can, to ensure vulnerable communities such as Inverclyde are protected from the cuts that are on their way.”

“I will continue to work hard for Greenock and Inverclyde in the Scottish Parliament.”