Taking on the big job

February 21st, 2011

Politicians will never been the most popular members of society.

Along with lawyers, journalists and bankers, it is a profession most people accept they have to put up with yet have little love for.

Sadly, that antipathy for politics can often cloud people’s judgement of some of the genuine hard work and commitment that goes to make our communities a better place to live.

For politicians with the demands of a young family, they are often forced to choose the long hours at work over their home life.

So I feel it’s only proper to recognise the contribution of Councillor Stephen McCabe, who is shortly to step down as leader of Inverclyde Council.

He can leave that office with his head held high after a proud record of delivery during his tenure as leader.

With a Labour government making money available at Westminster, a Labour government setting the right spending priorities at Holyrood and a Labour council delivering in Inverclyde, we have seen the transformation of our schools, our housing, our leisure facilities and our waterfront.

Stephen’s drive, hard-work and political acumen were integral in making that happen

And despite an unfair funding settlement this year, his final job as leader was to pass a balanced budget which will be the envy of neighbouring authorities.

Of course, Stephen would be the first to admit he didn’t do all of this single-handedly and the hard-working Labour team will continue the good work that has made Inverclyde yet again a desireable place to stay.

I look forward to working with the Labour group, led by Iain McKenzie, to ensure we sustain the progress we have made and fight for Inverclyde’s fair share.

For Stephen, he walks away from one of the biggest jobs in local government. But not as big as the job of a father and I wish him all the best.