Press Release, 8th March, 2013


Huge Fall in Student Numbers

Figures released by the Scottish Funding Council (SFC) show that the reduction in part-time college places experienced at James Watt is being reflected right across the country.


The Greenock Telegraph recently revealed that the number of part-time students at James Watt College has fallen by 2,000.

However, the figures released today by the SFC show there are now 120,000 fewer college students in Scotland compared to 2007.


The news comes on the same day that Education Secretary, Mike Russell, wrote to local MSP Duncan McNeil to confirm that James Watt will close and transfer its property and rights to the new West of Scotland ‘super’ college.


As a consequence of this move James Watt’s sporting faculty will be hived off to Ayrshire.


Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil said:

"The huge cut in part-time places represents a real blow for adult learners who cannot afford to study full-time due to work and family commitments".

“And the news that James Watt will be handing over its property and rights is just another step in the drive toward centralisation, that will reaffirm concerns that James Watt will lose its identity and become a bit-part player in the decision making process”