Going to the Polls

7th May 2012

As I write this column many of you will be making your way to the polling station to cast your vote in the Inverclyde council election.


Some of you on the other hand, forgetting there is an election on, will be making a mad dash to get your vote in just before the poll closes.   And unfortunately too many of you will not make it at all.


Being out and about campaigning over the last week, it is clear that although people believe there are issues to be addressed and challenges to be faced, Inverclyde has moved forward.


So when the polling stations close and the votes are tallied up, whatever the result, our Councillors elected will first have to form an administration and bring forward a leadership team which will undoubtedly face difficult circumstances.   


Gone are the days of increasing budgets.  They will have to make difficult decisions about our roads, schools and community services within the midst of declining budgets.  Those decisions will be with us for many years.

Now that we have elected them, we must give them the opportunity to get on with the job of making Inverclyde a better place to live, work and enjoy.  I wish them well.