Public Transport

Those of you who purchased the Tele on Tuesday would not have failed to notice that there was another car crash on the A78 Inverkip Junction.


Frustratingly for Mrs McNicol, this is the second time in as many weeks that a car has crashed through her fence into her back garden.


I recently met with the community council to discuss, yet again, the safety at the junction, and I have asked Amey Highways to take action to resolve Mrs McNicol’s problem.


It is clear that irresponsible driving is part of the issue and as a result residents have called for a reduction in the speed limit.  


And although public opinion is divided on this view, we expect reports assessing the benefits or otherwise, of a reduced speed limit from the contractor in the near future.


While much of the concern, over a significant period of time, has rightly been focused on the safety of people using their car to go about their business, it is equally important that we address the wider transport issues.


For too long, community access to public transport in Inverkip and Wemyss Bay has been less than adequate for residents to go to the hospital, to see their GP, to participate in further education at the college, to access leisure facilities or to simply get to the supermarkets.


The time has come to have a proper debate on this issue.


It can no longer be neglected.


We really need a strategy in place to establish what the transport needs are, what options are available to deliver those transport solutions and what subsidies may be available to deliver.


I want to encourage debate about these issues with those agencies who have responsibility to bring forward a transport strategy.


I hope that residents will be willing to work with me,making their views known on how best we can create a public transport system that serves the needs of the Inverkip and Wemyss Bay communities.