National Tartan Day

National Tartan Day on Saturday 6th April may have understandably passed you by, but in America it is the delegated day that the country recognises the significant contribution made by Scots and Scots-Americans to the foundation and prosperity to the country.


With events and marches organised by Scots communities across the country the main parade takes place in New York’s 6th Avenue.   


Millions of Americans claim Scottish descent and of course the Tail O’ The Bank was the main embarkation point for many of their descendants.   Thousands of Scots sought a better life in the new world, among them were the family of the American icon Uncle Sam.   The character that epitomised the spirit of the young country was based on businessman Samuel Wilson whose family sailed from Greenock. 


There are many other contemporary characters like local boy and sporting star Lawrence Tynes twice super bowl winner.  Jay Leno the talk show host whose mother was born in Greenock.   Academy award nominee Julianna Moore whose mother was also born in Greenock describes herself as half Scottish and applied for UK citizenship in 2011.   


Tartan Day has grown in size and importance over recent years as a part of Scotland Week which seeks to build even stronger economic links with our largest international trading partner with £35b worth of exports going into the American market.   The importance of tourism to our economy is also very important with 330,000 American visitors spending in excess of £228m.


Our shared history, culture and family ties are indeed good for business.