Scotland’s Drugs Strategy

Monday 10th November 2014


There are very few towns or cities in Scotland that aren’t affected by drug misuse. Indeed, last week, a grim report was published by the National Health Service which revealed there are currently 60,000 problem drug users across the country.

In Inverclyde alone, there are a staggering seventeen hundred. Worryingly, the area has a higher rate of drug addicts among its younger population than anywhere else in Scotland.

 Add to this, the unacceptable levels of drug deaths that have occurred in the area over the past few years, and it’s clear the Scottish Government’s national drug strategy The Road to Recovery, which waslaunched in 2008,has reached a dead end.

The government must recognise that some communities have more of a problem than others when it comes to drug misuse, and must review its strategy to meet the needs of communities like Inverclyde.

Personally, I feel there are a number of things that must be central to any strategy. First, there should be a greater emphasis on helping addicts recover from their addiction and ensuring better training for staff involved in drug services to enable this to happen.

Second, we need more early intervention schemes for those kids who are unfortunate enough to be trapped in drug fuelled environments. By getting them out of the environment, we can give them a better chance in life and help to break the cycle.

And finally, more must be done to educate young people about the dangers of taking drugs.

If the Scottish Government provides greater focus on these three aspects, it will get the drug strategy out of the dead end it’s found itself in and back on the road to recovery.