Ever since the date for the Independence Referendum was announced it feels like Scotland has been put on hold.

Issues that clearly matter to working people have been put to one side.   Thankfully the end is almost near with only six weeks to go.  

Those campaigners from Yes and No will soon be joined by staff from the Electoral Registration office on your doorstep.   But they will not be looking to find out your voting intention but simply to make sure you are registered to do so.

It was revealed last week that nearly a million people living in Scotland are still not registered.

You shouldn’t leave it to others to express your view. You don’t want to wake up the day after the referendum and wish you had voted or got involved in the campaign.

It is really important that the final decision of the Scottish people is conclusive. To ensure that we settle this issue once and for all it is important to vote. A return to what we all recognise as normal politics is the prize.

The last chance you will be able to register to vote in the Scottish Independence Referendum is Tuesday 2nd September (less than four weeks away).

Whether it’s ‘Aye’ or ‘Naw’ just make sure you sign up. You can do so by visiting