Press Release, 9th April 2013


Smoking Ban Welcome


Grounds outside the IRH will be smoke free by 2015 under plans being introduced by the Scottish Government.


The plans which will be rolled out across Scotland will see designated smoking areas in NHS hospital grounds removed.


The news has been welcomed by Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil.


Cabinet Secretary for Health, Alex Neil, wrote to the Labour MSP in his capacity as convenor of the Scottish Parliament’s health committee informing him of the news.


Mr McNeil said he had received many complaints over the years by constituents who were angry that people were allowed to smoke directly outside the entrance of the IRH.


The Greenock and Inverclyde MSP said:


“I welcome this announcement by Alex Neil. I have received many representations from constituents who have expressed their dismay that people are allowed to smoke outside the entrance of the IRH. I have had to write to health bosses on this issue on numerous occasions”


“Smoking outside the IRH undermines the good work the hospital has done in making people aware of the dangers of smoking. It also shows a lack of consideration for people who are going into the hospital for treatment.”