Press Release, 26th Feb, 2013


Teenage pregnancy rates below national average

Figures published as part of a parliament investigation show that the teenage pregnancy rate in Inverclyde is below the national average.

They also show that Inverclyde is fairing considerably better than other areas such as Dundee and Glasgow which have similar levels of deprivation.

The figures were welcomed by Greenock and Inverclyde MSP, Duncan McNeil, who is heading the Scottish Parliament’s investigation into teenage pregnancy rates in Scotland.

He said they indicate that strategies in Inverclyde for dealing with teenage pregnancy rates are progressing well.

The statistics for under 16 year olds show that in Inverclyde there are 6.9% pregnancies for every 1000, while in Dundee the rate is 14.4%.

Duncan McNeil will be meeting with the Head of Education at Inverclyde Council, Wilma Bain, to discuss the work being done in schools and the community to help reduce teenage pregnancies in the area along with other related issues.

The Greenock and Inverclyde MSP said:

“Greenock and Inverclyde has some of the most deprived areas outside Glasgow. However, the teenage pregnancy rates in our area are almost half that of Dundee and significantly lower than other communities with similar deprivation”

"These figures suggest that we are getting something right here in Inverclyde. Teenage pregnancy can have a long lasting effect on generations of young women and their children so it's good to hear that our local strategies are progressing well"