No Laughing Matter

Today, April fools day 2013, will be remembered as the day, that size criteria for people renting in the social rented sector, better known to you and I as the bedroom tax, will take effect.

But this is no laughing matter to the 1,500 Inverclyde tenants who will lose over £50 a month in housing benefit according to the National Housing Federation.

Many of your family and friends will be affected.

Many of those in low paid jobs will be affected.

And many of those with long-term disabilities will be affected.

While across the party political divide politicians believe that the unfair bedroom tax is a step to far, this sense of injustice must be used to bring about political consensus in the Scottish Parliament.

When we were faced with similar circumstances when the banking and mortgage crisis hit we were able to come together to ensure that families would not lose their home.

Last week, politicians in the Scottish Parliament failed to act together to ensure that the imposition of the unfair bedroom tax will not result in evictions.

The Scottish Parliament has the power to help our fellow Scots.

In the spirit of Easter, let’s put people first, and ensure that wherever you live in Scotland you will not lose your home as a result of the unfair bedroom tax.