Press Release 10th January 2013


MSP Backs Stroke Charter


Local MSP Duncan McNeil is backing a charter for people living with stroke in Inverclyde. 


The charter is intended to inform people who have suffered a stroke what care and support services should be available to them when they leave hospital. 


Christine Quigg from Greenock who suffered a haemorrhagic stroke in 2002 was one of a number of people who helped put the charter together.


Ms Quigg said:


“As someone who has suffered a serious stroke I fully understand the impact it can have not only personally, but also on the families supporting them. My daughter was just 6 months old when my stroke happened and I felt there were many things, I missed out on as a new Mum due to this.”

"Unfortunately people are often unaware of all the services available to them after being discharged from hospital following a stroke. If they are unaware of these services, they may not get the support required. This could leave them feeling isolated and in turn slow down their recovery.”

“I believe it is necessary therefore to inform others of the support they should receive and which services are available from both the professional & voluntary sectors. This applies to all who have suffered or are still in recovery from a stroke and I feel the charter clarifies this”

“A lot of debate, work & discussion went into the charter to ensure it was as clear as possible to those (and their families) who have recently suffered or are still recovering from stroke.”

Greenock and Inverclyde MSP Duncan McNeil said:

There are a raft of services available from both the professional and voluntary services which a person living with stroke might need after they leave hospital but they won’t necessarily know about them, or whether they and or should be receiving them. This Charter makes clear to people living with stroke and their carers what types of professional support should be available to them if they need it.”   

“I commend Christine Quigg and others who have experienced a stroke along with professionals who did a fantastic job putting this charter together. I will be writing to the head of Inverclyde’s Health and Care Partnership – Brian Moore - to ensure that this Charter is widely promoted amongst patients and carers”