Sports Enquiry

As we experience one of the worst summers in recent memory, thankfully we have had the distraction of a sports fest, with the Euro Finals, Murray at Wimbledon and now with the Olympics gaining focus and attention.


And to cap it all off we have the Commonwealth Games to look forward to.


Glasgow 2014 presents a unique opportunity, particularly for young people who will be inspired by the spectacle, to take up a new sport and become more physically active.


But we need to ensure that this new found interest is not short lived.


The Health Committee, which I convene, thought this was a good time to launch its sports inquiry to see how we can sustain the enthusiasm of young people and ensure they have easy access to community facilities so they can participate in a sport that they enjoy.


The Committee also wants to probe the impact of sport in promoting health amongst the young.


Another key element of the inquiry will be the role of volunteers, the unsung heroes in community-run sport in Scotland.


Many clubs, classes and associations simply could not operate without the time dedicated from an army of volunteers up and down the country.


We will look at how we can ensure that those volunteers have the support they need to continue their tremendous work at a local level.


The committee would like to hear the thoughts, ideas and experiences of volunteers, who through their years of experience will help us better understand the opportunities and challenges out there in our community. 


I hope those of you participating and organising sport in the community have an opportunity to influence our thinking.


The deadline for written evidence is 17 August 2012 and you can make submissions via e-mail at

To find out more about the Sports Inquiry visit the Health and Sports Committee page on the Scottish Parliament website at