Murray Mania


As John F Kennedy once said “success has many fathers but failure is an orphan”.

Andy Murray has played the orphan role on too many occasions, suffering disappointments over the years in his tennis career.  

But last weekend he became a champion and orphan no more.  Recognised by the Prime Minister and First Minister and celebrated across the country as a sporting hero and quite rightly so.

The challenge for us now of course is to turn his personal success into a lasting legacy.  

We would do well to recall the words of Judy Murray who in evidence to the Health and Sport Committee at the Scottish Parliament said “It is one thing to get people excited on the back of the Olympics and with the Commonwealth Games coming, but retaining them in sport comes down to people - the pied pipers who get children and adults into clubs, schools or parks and enjoying what they are doing”.      

They are our local sporting heroes.

Throughout Inverclyde we have vastly improved sporting facilities.  But let’s not forget that without the dedicated army of volunteers many clubs and sporting associations simply could not operate.  

The time and effort they give not to mention the many weekends spent offering encouragement and support make them the unsung heroes.