85% of housebreakings go unsolved

Press Release, 7th August, 2015

85% of housebreakings go unsolved

EIGHTY-FIVE PERCENT of housebreakings (including attempt breakins) committed last year in Inverclyde went unsolved new figures show.

There were 361 housebreakings in total but the police were only able to catch the perpetrators in 54 cases. Inverclyde South fared worse with 91% remaining unsolved.

Greenock and Inverclyde Duncan McNeil MSP is seeking a meeting with the local police commander to find out the reason for the poor detection rates.

Duncan McNeil said:

“It’s of major concern that so few housebreakings are being solved. This is a serious crime which can leave victims feeling frightened and on edge for long afterwards.”

“The figures add weight to concerns that the police are under-resourced. The Scottish Government must ensure that they have the necessary support to carry out their job properly.”

“The failure to detect housebreakings will only give criminals greater confidence to commit further crimes which is not good news for our community.”

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